Herbal Medicine





This clinic uses only premium quality herbs from the best Chinese practitioners that are all Good Manufacturing Practice. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. The herbal tradition of China is valued scientifically, as well as being a fascinating and popular tradition. Scientists working in China and Japan during the past four decades have demonstrated that the herb materials contain active components that can explain many of their claimed actions.






More than three hundred herbs that are commonly used today have a history of use that goes back at least 2,000 years. Over that time, a vast amount of experience has been gained that has gone towards perfecting their clinical applications. Dr. Hao and Dr. Niu, through numerous years of experience and education, are now equipped with the knowledge to offer herbal remedies in the form of teas, granulated powders and capsules that are targeted to treat specific conditions. They can even specifically design a herbal mixture that is custom-made for the individual needs of a patient.